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1  The Myth of Overgrazing

2  Truth be Known

3 Early Scientific Studies Complete

4 Kiuka Study Sites

5 The Vale Project

6  The Great Impotence of Solar Reception and
 Grazing Impact

7 Jake L. Reed

8  Mustang Myths - George Parman

9 A Look at The History of Mismanagement of the Nevada Mustangs

10 History Of Mountain Lions in Nevada

11 Dave Hage - Interview. 11/28, 1996 and 9/10, 2004

12 A New Belief System

13 Death by Starvation

14 The Good Old Days - When Things Were Not As Good as We Would Like to Think They Were

15 Wild Horses and Modern America

16 Truth and Justice

17  The Beef Check-Off - Packer Concentration - Exports/Imports - And Now The Proposed New GIPSA Rule

18 Sheep, Predator Control, and The Mistakes We Have Made In The Past

20 Right Of Local Self-Government

21 Wild Horses and  "The Pickens Proposal"

22 Document 1   Elk - Deer Relationship

Document 2   Interesting Facts About Deer In Nevada
24 Testimony Of Kenneth Johns

25  Bighorn Sheep:  Die-offs and Restricted Winter Range

26  What Have We Become, We Americans

27  Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge Shows Signs of Mismanagement

28 NDOW Challenged

29  A Tour Of Mary's River - Loss of Wildlife - And The Politics Of It All

30  Thank You to - Dr. Lesperance, Dr. Lent And Scott Raine

31  Lack Of Effective Predator Control - Hyper Inflation - And The Possibility That We May Lose Our Rights Before It's All Over

32  Rangeland Monitoring










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