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Elk Facts or Fiction




"No" to Elk in the Rubies
1 No Elk in the Rubies
2 Mark Hooper Letter
3 Elk Free Area
4 Ruby Valley Petition
5 Clover Valley Petition
6 Lamoille Petition
7 Star Valley Petition
8 Jiggs Petition
  Elk Facts


1 Yellowstone Unraveling
2 Yellowstone Natural Regulations
3 Starving Elk
4 Deer-Elk Competition Charles Kay
5 Elk Counts
6 What Happened to Colorado's Deer?
7 Historical Area
  Elk Studies
c 1 Impact of Elk on Cattle Performance
2 Aspen Mortality
3 Relationship Between Elk & Deer
4 Competition Between Deer, Bighorn & Elk
5 Elk & Deer Feeding Habits
6 Competition Between Cattle & Game
7 Elk & Livestock Competition
  Elk Agreements
d 1 Early Communication
2 Position Statements
3 Finding of No Significant Impact
4 Environmental Assessment
5 Six Party Agreement
6 Buckhorn Allotment
  Wells Resource Management Plan
e 1 Cliff Gardner Input
2 Public Comment
3 Twin Falls Public Comment
4 Range Consultants
5 Forest Service Input
6 Wells Resource Management Plan
    Input to County
f 1 Request for Hearings
2 2 Gardner Input
3 Verbatim Transcription
g 1 Elk Introduction near Ely
2 Utilization on Table Mountain
3 Elk Damage
4 Bob McQuivey Research








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